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Latin quote

De dicto et de re


It is the Latin expression that evokes the genesis of our company. The device refers to logic, rhetoric, metaphysics, and philosophy of language in order to elucidate the living meaning of a text.

Translating and content writing are not as simple as we might think. It is a process encompassing a metacognitive phase, transversal skills, vocabulary, the ability to understand technical jargon, strong drafting skills, analysis and synthesis and in fine Style.

Should a content be considered both complete and qualitative if it lacks one of these criteria? However, many translation agencies, freelancers or even individuals inside a communication or marketing department are pleading for their qualitative work while being deprived of some of these elements.

Aware of these sine qua non requirements, KREOS was created as the optimal solution for corporates, SME as well as for start-ups. Each member of our team reliably operate according to these principles and is hence closely committed to excellence.

We support our clients in the entire process of communication, providing solutions in translation, interpreting, transcription, copywriting, content management, graphic design and video production.

Mr. Dritan Mustafaj
President & CEO

I decided to set up KREOS Translations from the ground up in 2018 because, after learning all about the paramount importance of communication through my education and experiences in Italy and Switzerland, I strongly believed that my company could be of great service to individuals and corporations throughout the world.

Discipline, hard work, professionalism, diligence and respect are the values I cultivated in my company’s work ethics and everyday interactions.

What we do

We follow a combined holistic and systematic approach to ensure your message is communicated in the most effective way, and is always respectful of your budget.

We offer tailored language services, specializing in copywriting, content management, professional and technical translation in only 5 languages.

Why choose us

Our team of highly-skilled journalists, communication specialists and researchers are at the core of what makes KREOS such a specialized communication agency. We put at your service our ability to work with diligence and attention to the finest details within tight deadlines.

One-stop solutions
Professional Translators
Expert Domain Knowledge
Global ISO-based technical Experience
Quality and confidentiality
Fast and reliable Service
100% human translations
Cost effective


Professional & technicial translation: Institution, Government, NGOs, Business: User Guides & product manuals.


Our content marketing consultancy consist in reviewing and evovling your Business and Marketing content to.


Your design needs to speak to your audience. We produce the full range of print and digital media.


Your design needs to speak to your audience. We produce the full range of print and digital media.

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